As Other Retail Traders Reinvent the Wheel, You Take the Simple, Profitable Approach

Learn algorithmic trading straight from our prop firm's research, trading and community-driven projects, and stick to the straightforward principles that will make your money grow.

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To Guide Retail Traders

A trading philosophy based on what works

Leave the hunting for “perfect” alpha to others, we’ll teach you to crush the small wins which accumulate over time. Trade small, trade broad, automate where possible and scale up. Above all, keep it simple if you’re here to stay.

The most exciting way to gain wealth

Simple trading doesn’t always equal simple money, it’s challenging and full of surprises. You need an obsession for the markets to win at this game. This is great, because for those who love the game, trading is the most exciting way to make money.

Algo Bootcamp:
Grow Your Money Alongside Ours

Our exclusive community projects, run by two industry pros, where we build LIVE trading strategies from the ground up as a team. Every step of research, nugget of intuition, and executed trade is freely shared for you to apply. No hiding the "perfect" edge or secret formula — see it all in action.

gain the professional's approach

Research, build and execute live automated strategies in different markets with the help of professional traders who've had skin in the game for years, and succeeded.

Think and Earn Like a Quant

Create simple yet powerful algos within your team and build an extra income source, so you can grow your capital safely and efficiently.

Watch Live Trading Unfold

We're trading real money and documenting the entire process from start to finish with full transparency, using the same skills used to build 7-figure portfolios.

Join a like-minded team

Any edge worth trading won't vanish by telling others. We share all our ideas freely, between all 300+ of us, and gain greater results than what we'd achieve alone.

What's Going On Behind Closed Doors

Read Our Research

Machine Learning for Financial Prediction

Experimentation with David Aronson’s latest work

Run Algos on Google Cloud Platform

How-to in 6 easy steps...

Dual Momentum

A review...

Deep Learning for Trading 1:

Can it Work?

Time Series in the FX Market

Are ARIMA/GARCH predictions profitable?

Getting Started with Neural

Networks for Algorithmic Trading

Trade Simple. Trade Broad. Automate.

Our 2019 Roadmap to Profitable Retail Algo Trading

See our market-tested, retail-level automated trading outline for 2019. Researched and built in full collaboration with our community members:

  • Harvesting Risk Premia — Live
  • FX Alphas — Live
  • Crypto Alphas
  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • Volatility Strategies
  • and much more in our calendar….

Meet the Men

Behind the Robot

Kris Longmore

Founder and Robot Overlord

“After a 10-year engineering career, I became a hedge fund quant and later consulted with Asia-Pacific’s biggest fund managers on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Now, I’m a partner and shareholder of a proprietary trading firm, as well as the man behind Robot Wealth.”

James Hodges

Head Trader

“I’ve traded every day for the last 16 years, spending the first 10 in institutional finance and tech. Now, I’m the founder of a data analytics and prop trading firm in New Zealand. I work with the RW community every day, turning our ideas into profitable trading strategies.”

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Algo Trading Community Online

We share ideas and strategies out in the open, just like a professional team would. With a diverse pool of skills
at your disposal, our collaborative results far outweigh anything we’d gain by withholding “secret” alpha.
Where else can you get the support of 300+ like-minded traders?