We believe that trading skill is less important than choosing the right games to play. 

Join us for our newest, simplest and most practical quant trading course to date.

6 week quant trading course open for enrolment 26 - 30 April 2021

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We teach how to research, build and manage systematic trading strategies.

Most aspiring traders fail to achieve their dreams of serious capital growth or trading for a living.

We're here to change that...

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Have you read our Ebook?

Gain an understanding of the markets usually learned over years of failure — in just 80 pages

This ebook is an introduction to our trading approach and the concepts that underpin our trading operation. It contains the core principles that we introduce all our students to on bootcamp and examines the most common costly mistakes made by beginner systematic traders.

Learn with us in Bootcamp

In Bootcamp, we will teach you how to research, build and manage a portfolio of systematic trading strategies.

We will share with you the approach to trading that has allowed us to take our trading from side hustle to full time professional obsession.

It's our goal to teach you how to trade systematically and sustainably, so that you can level up your trading and life goals.

Learn algo trading in a collaborative learning environment in Bootcamp. We help set you up for optimal learning and development by teaching in a multi-pronged approach: 

  • Video Lessons
  • Written Content
  • Comprehensive Code Repositories
  • Exclusive Private Slack Workspace where Bootcampers can interact with each other and your instructors 24/7
  • Live Q&A Webinars
  • All Data Provided

In Bootcamp we work through every step of the strategy creation process. You'll learn to think and trade like a quant.

You will learn:

  • Basics of Effective Research
  • How to turn Research into Effective Trading Strategies
  • How to Manage Live Trading
  • How to Size and Manage Risk in Your Portfolio

Master the basics and trade for a lifetime

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