We teach simple quant trading techniques that anyone can apply.

Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp is currently closed for enrolment.

Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp will open again for enrolments Q3 2024.

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Hi! We’re James & Kris

We guide the Robot Wealth community with the trading approach that, between us, we’ve used for over 30 years.

We’re here to help you fast-track your systematic trading portfolio and your quant trading skills.

Quant Trading Bootcamps

We run quant trading Bootcamps – open to the public – several times a year.

In Bootcamp, you will learn a simple, high-probability, quantitative approach to trading that can work for you, the non-professional trader. You will focus on simple strategies based on economically-sensible, quantifiable market edges that a part-time trader can manage.

Bootcamp enrollment is currently CLOSED. Join the waiting list for the next edition here.


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  • Finding Edges: The Importance of Being a Pirate
    In much of life, success results from doing what other people expect you to be doing. You get top marks in an exam by answering the way the marker expects you to. Rising up the corporate ladder has as much to do with “being seen to do the right thing” as it has to do …

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  • Revisiting Overnight vs Intraday Equity Returns
    Back in May 2020, in the eye of the Covid storm, we looked at overnight vs intraday returns in US equities. Intuitively, we’d probably expect to see higher average returns overnight when the market is closed – because it’s much more difficult to hedge and manage our exposures when the cash market is closed, so …

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  • Trading 101: Understanding the Expected Value of Uncertain Bets
    Industry veterans sometimes remark that successful gamblers tend to make good traders, and engineers tend to make lousy traders. This is a gross generalisation, of course, but one reason is that trading, at the most fundamental level, is a game of pricing uncertain outcomes. This requires probabilistic thinking, and engineers tend to be trained to …

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  • On Having an Edge
    The first thing you need as a trader is a clear edge. What do I mean by “edge?” Edge comes from a market inefficiency that means you can buy cheap and sell rich on average over the long run. Said differently, edge is positive expected value. Expected value is the return you expect to realise …

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