We teach simple quant trading techniques that anyone can apply.

Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp is currently closed for enrolment.

Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp will open again for enrolments on Weds, 25th October 2023.

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Hi! We’re James & Kris

We guide the Robot Wealth community with the trading approach that, between us, we’ve used for over 30 years.

We’re here to help you fast-track your systematic trading portfolio and your quant trading skills.

Quant Trading Bootcamps

We run quant trading Bootcamps – open to the public – several times a year.

In Bootcamp, you will learn a simple, high-probability, quantitative approach to trading that can work for you, the non-professional trader. You will focus on simple strategies based on economically-sensible, quantifiable market edges that a part-time trader can manage.

Bootcamp enrollment is currently CLOSED. Join the waiting list for the next edition here.


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  • Quant Signal Trade-Offs in the Real World
    I want to discuss a couple of simple trade-off considerations around quant trading signals that may not be obvious. Here’s the price of some asset: Our main job is to predict how it’s likely to move. To do this, you use information about it that you think is predictive. And at any point in time: …

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  • RW Pro Update 22 Sept 2023 – Market conditions, strategy review and options simulation data prep
    We had a fun webinar on Thursday where we reviewed current market conditions, looked at recent strategy performance, and went through the data preparation work for our upcoming options simulations. โ€‹You can watch the full webinar hereโ€‹. Market conditions review This chart will be visceral if you’ve been holding bonds throughout 2023. It shows the …

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  • RW Pro Webinar 21 Sep 2023: Market Update and Options simulation
    We did a review of market conditions, strategy performance, and data preparation for options simulation Topics: Presentation Slides
  • RW Pro Update 15 Sep 2023 – Straddle over earnings trade
    This week, I took a break from porting the crypto trend and momentum strategy to Binance and instead worked on getting some data for the straddle over earnings options trade we want to look at over the next couple of weeks. James introduced us to this trade last week (โ€‹summary hereโ€‹ or watch the full …

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