We teach simple quant trading techniques that anyone can apply.

Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp is currently closed for enrolment.

Trade Like a Quant Bootcamp will open again for enrolments in September 2023.

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Hi! We’re James & Kris

We guide the Robot Wealth community with the trading approach that, between us, we’ve used for over 30 years.

We’re here to help you fast-track your systematic trading portfolio and your quant trading skills.

Quant Trading Bootcamps

We run quant trading Bootcamps – open to the public – several times a year.

In Bootcamp, you will learn a simple, high-probability, quantitative approach to trading that can work for you, the non-professional trader. You will focus on simple strategies based on economically-sensible, quantifiable market edges that a part-time trader can manage.

Bootcamp enrollment is currently CLOSED. Join the waiting list for the next edition here.


Free stuff to get you started


  • Data Analysis and Edge Extraction for Traders
    Towards the end of last year, we ran a couple of free Zoom webinars on: Here are the recordings: Basics of Edge Extraction Data analysis for Traders The colab research notebook for the second session can be found here. (To make sense of it you’ll want to watch the video.)
  • How to get serious about making money trading
    In Australia, if you’re serious about getting the job done effectively and efficiently, you might say: “I’m not here to f*** spiders.” Many traders act like they are, indeed, here to f*** spiders. If you’re making soup, you first need a good stock. Stock isn’t exciting. Everyone has stock. Garnish is exciting, but you can’t …

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  • Steal ideas, not implementations
    Imagine you’re a relatively small, independent trader trying to turn trading from a hobby into a serious business. If that’s you, then there are a few concepts that will help you pick the right trades to get after. This is important because picking the right trades is most of the game. First, the Market Gods …

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  • Optimising the rsims package for fast backtesting in R
    rsims is a new package for fast, quasi event-driven backtesting in R. You can find the source on GitHub, docs here, and an introductory blog post here. Our use case for rsims was accurate but fast simulation of trading strategies. I’ve had a few questions about how I made the backtester as fast as it …

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