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We guide the Robot Wealth community with the trading approach that, between us, we’ve used for over 30 years.

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Quant Trading Bootcamps

We run quant trading Bootcamps – open to the public – several times a year.

In Bootcamp, you will learn a simple, high-probability, quantitative approach to trading that can work for you, the non-professional trader. You will focus on simple strategies based on economically-sensible, quantifiable market edges that a part-time trader can manage.

Bootcamp enrollment is currently CLOSED. Join the waiting list for the next edition here.


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  • How to Model Features as Expected Returns
    Modeling features as expected returns can be a useful way to develop trading strategies, but it requires some care. The main advantage is that it directly aligns with the objective of predicting and capitalising on future returns. This can make optimisation and implementation more intuitive. It also facilitates direct comparison between features and provides a …

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  • A Simple, Effective Way to Manage Turnover and Not Get Killed by Costs
    Every time we trade, we incur a cost. We pay a commission to the exchange or broker, we cross spreads, and we might even have market impact to contend with. A common issue in quant trading is to find an edge, only to discover that if you executed it naively, you’d get killed with costs. …

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  • Quantifying and Combining Crypto Alphas
    In this article, I’ll take some crypto stat arb features from our recent brainstorming article and show you how you might quantify their strength and decay characteristics and then combine them into a trading signal. This article continues our recent articles on stat arb: A short take on stat arb trading in the real world …

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  • Ideas for Crypto Stat Arb Features
    This article continues our recent articles on stat arb: In this article, I’ll brainstorm some ideas for predictive features that you could potentially use in a crypto stat arb model. The ideas draw insights from recent discussions and market observations, but of course, you should do your own research. In future articles, I’ll pick some …

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