About Robot Wealth

We teach how to research, build and manage systematic trading strategies. And we trade. We LOVE to trade.

Robot Wealth is a dedicated trading education company with its own successful prop trading division. 

We have taught over a thousand retail traders in our topical trading bootcamps which run year-round. Graduates of bootcamp are invited to join our RW Pro Community which currently has over 500 members from 6 continents.

The Pro group is for people who love trading but for whatever reason don’t do it as part of a professional firm. We provide the things that you'd get in such place:

  • Tools for doing collaborative research
  • Good clean data sets
  • A platform for connecting with other traders, sharing ideas and trades
  • An active mentoring and knowldge sharing system where we share ideas from our own trading in weekly live webinars

We believe that trading skill is less important than choosing the right games to play. 

The latest bootcamp is currently underway and closed for enrollment.

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Robot Wealth started in 2015 as a blog.

Kris is a self-taught systematic trader. Before he made the leap into the finance industry as a hedge fund quant and later became a principal at a prop-trading firm, Kris was an engineer. Kris spent countless late nights sifting through the abundance of information online - from academic papers to blog posts to trading forums.

Learning in a silo is a slog

Kris hoped that by documenting his research in a blog, he'd make some useful connections and accelerate his learning journey and that of others in a similar situation.

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared

Fast forward a couple of years and Robot Wealth had developed into a thriving community of like-minded retail traders - it was through this community that James and Kris connected.

James is a veteran of the finance world and has been making money trading for 17 years. James brought a wealth of experience in institutional finance and a true passion for trading to Robot Wealth.

James' gift of explaining complex trading concepts in laypersons language is backed up by a wealth of market knowledge and experience  - making him the ultimate Chairman of RW Slack. Follow James on Twitter for regular systematic trading research threads.

Kris and James' partnership combines a shared passion for the markets, a similar philosophical approach to life and complimentary skill sets to make Robot Wealth what it is today.