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Want to build systematic trading strategies that perform like this?

Zero to Robot Bootcamp is a 6-week online course and community that gives aspiring retail traders the tools, approach and quant techniques required to be a profitable systematic trader long-term.

You'll go from trading beginner to wielding the exact development processes, R&D skills and experience-based approach we use daily to build strategies for our professional trading book - like those in our FX portfolio above.

You'll research and build robust trading strategies using the Zorro development platform — our primary research tool of choice. We use Lite-C and Zorro because they combine power, flexibility and convenience with a manageable learning curve. These are the perfect tools to bring advanced algo trading to aspiring retail traders in a simple and approachable way.

By week 6, you'll be able to utilise these tools to build and go live with your own strategies, either independently or as part of our team long-term.

Zero to Robot Bootcamp: Summary

Over 6 weeks we'll guide you through the development of 2 strategies. You'll be given exclusive weekly lessons, weekly live recorded webinars and group mentoring through our daily interactions with the Bootcamp team on Slack.

On completion you'll have the skills to build, test and execute your own strategies in Zorro.

  • Learn how to test, build and execute strategies using Zorro in 6 weeks
  • Guided development process for 2 strategies - one FX, one equity pairs
  • Weekly lessons including code
  • Team mentoring via exclusive Slack community
  • Weekly live recorded webinars
  • All data required is provided at no extra cost
  • Invitation to join RW Pro at completion of Bootcamp

You will see the markets differently after this Bootcamp...

Above all, you will adopt the exact approach we use to run our successful trading operation. You'll get hands-on with the nuts and bolts of strategy research and execution as you go live with your strategies with our support and your team.

You will complete Bootcamp with a solid statistical arbitrage FX strategy and a refined pairs algorithm that you can apply to any pair, as well as the skills needed to build more strategies like those repeatedly... we share everything.

Our Bootcamps are not academic or impractical. You'll learn to think and trade like a quant, and you'll have a ton of fun along the way with your team!

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How will you collaborate with your Bootcamp team?

Our thriving trader community is where all of our skills combine to give us far more profit potential than as individual traders.

Welcome to your new Bootcamp team

To keep our teamwork organised and efficient, we have a dedicated Slack space for each new Bootcamp. These are where we brainstorm, build and research new strategies from scratch as a team. 

These are incredibly collaborative, each member contributing their specialty, and getting help in other areas. Joining these spaces is a huge learning experience in itself, even if you don't feel ready to chip in and want to observe.

We are professional "over-sharers"

We operate our Bootcamps like a professional trading firm, meaning we share every asset created along the way:

  • Research and implementation processes
  • tools, software and IP
  • data and access to market intelligence
  • buying and negotiating power in the markets

We know that any edge worth trading isn't going to disappear by telling others. Here, we all give freely and don't hold anything back - including "secret" alpha.

You no longer have to work alone

Learning to trade alone takes years. Not to mention brainstorming strategies, finding data (and cleaning it), writing code and setting up your trading systems — you'd be doing the work of an entire trading floor by yourself.

Your new community is the answer to all that.

We share the workload and achieve exponentially more results than we would alone. Each of us is good at something, and terrible at others, yet the combination of all our skills makes us, as a team, unstoppable.

Meet the Men

Behind the Robot

James Hodges


"I’ve traded every day for the last 16 years. I spent the first 10 in institutional finance and tech, then founded a data analytics and prop trading firm in New Zealand. I work in the RW community every day, turning our ideas into profitable trades."

Kris Longmore

Founder of Robot Wealth

"After a 10-year engineering career, I became a hedge fund quant and later consulted with Asia-Pacific’s biggest fund managers on AI and ML. Now, I'm a partner and shareholder of a prop trading firm, as well as one of the men behind Robot Wealth."

What happens after you complete this Bootcamp?

You can continue your trading journey with us inside RW Pro! 

RW Pro is our all-access, unrestricted Bootcamp, community and support membership.

Besides gaining access to every course, tool and strategy we've ever built, there are 5 BIG advantages to being a RW Pro member...

RW Pro Benefit 1:

You Gain Access to All Past and Future Bootcamps — currently 50+ weeks of material containing many  tested strategies and tools

"Bootcamps" are interactive, collaborative experiences - in which we research and build systematic trading strategies. You can follow along and participate as we do the work. And you get complete, high-quality systematic strategies to take away and trade. 

This is your new roadmap to diversification, teamwork and growth. It takes the uncertainty out of where you should focus your resources and effort. You'll be granted full access to all past and upcoming Bootcamps within the lifetime of your membership, without the need to purchase each individually.

You'll get instant access to 8 previous Bootcamps totalling over 50 weeks of teamwork, and containing many strategies and tools. This includes our 16-week FX Bootcamp, where we built a portfolio of 6 robust FX strategies with our members from scratch.

In addition to all future Bootcamps, you will also gain access to the following previous Bootcamps (usually sold for $797 each):

  • FX Bootcamp (16 weeks: 6 FX strategies)
  • FX Robots Bootcamp (6 weeks: 1 FX strategy)
  • Risk Premia Bootcamp (6 weeks: high-performing risk premia strategy)
  • Trading with Machine Learning and Big Data (6 weeks: Large scale data mining and pairs trading universe selection)
  • Pairs Trading Bootcamp (6 weeks: automated pairs trading strategy)

You will get fully-built trading strategies, but our goal is to give you the big-picture intuition, quantitative frameworks and tools we use to build them from scratch — so you can continue to grow your diverse portfolio indefinitely.

Here is the live performance of the FX portfolio after 11 weeks, which we built with our members. It will be yours to trade:

You'll be trading live across a wide range of financial products, and will have massively grown your systematic trading toolkit and skillset. All for more than $3000 less than joining each Bootcamp individually as they are normally offered.

RW Pro Benefit 2:

Collaborate and Trade Personally With Us in Real-Time "Alpha" Bootcamps

These are our hands-on, unstructured and collaborative Bootcamps. We create these on-the-fly with our RW Pro community before they get packaged up into a structured course and offered as a public Bootcamp. You will play a key role in the entire research and trading process, start to finish.

"a professional trading desk for retail traders"

You'll gain first-hand exposure to the gritty and unpredictable world of real-time trading research and development, warts and all. We'll encounter unforeseen challenges and dead-ends, and we'll work through them together by utilising our collective skills.

You'll see the full R&D process we rely on daily within our professional trading for you to copy, down to each action and tiny decision as they happen. You'll work side-by-side with us and will have full view of our daily thought processes as we tackle each new challenge together.

We'll walk you through every important step

You don't need to be the most skilled trader, expert coder or mathematical genius to take part. So long as you are hard working and open-minded, you'll gain an immense amount of hands-on trading experience in very little time.

By taking a magnifying glass to our day-to-day business; you can see how we identify new edges, research them, and build and execute trading strategies. You'd learn more in one month here than in years of passively reading about trading or doing it alone.

Get all the data and tools you need included

You'll be given all the data you'll need to properly simulate and develop your strategies. Not only that, but it will be cleaned and ready for use from the get-go. Data is expensive and tricky to manage, so that's a lot of time and costs saved just on the data front alone — you'll get it included in RW Pro.

Fast-track to trading, even after years of trying

We keep these Alpha Bootcamps hands-on and no more complex than they need to be to achieve our goals. That's why they often have a tremendous impact on the results our members see in their personal trading, even after years of trying to figure it out on their own.

If you are in a similar position, working shoulder-to-shoulder with us is a fast-track to building a live portfolio.

Pro Benefit 3:

Join us LIVE and get your questions answered in weekly team webinars hosted by us

Join us and your teammates live on air every week to get your most burning questions answered and problems solved in real-time, so you won't ever be left stuck, frustrated and unable to progress through the material.

We'll host these webinars all throughout our Bootcamps to really solidify your learning and to come up with new ideas on the fly together. We'll also review the progress we've made through each week of Bootcamp, summarise the key lessons learned, and break down the the next steps for getting our new strategies live.

You will also get access to ALL previous webinars from past Alpha and Beta Bootcamps.

We alter the time of these webinars each week so that no matter where you are, you will likely be able to join us live. If not, no stress! We post the webinar replays shortly after for those who can't join us live.

RW Pro Benefit 4:

Join the Long-Term Pro Community for Support, Collaboration and Sharing of Resources 

In addition to accessing a separate Bootcamp Slack workspace for each public (beta) Bootcamp, you'll get to join our Pro-only Slack space. Here, you will work alongside the most welcoming, diverse and supportive algo trading community online.

Welcome to 400+ new teammates!

This will be your new team throughout Bootcamp. We keep each other on the straight and narrow, and rely on each other's skills, knowledge and support as we progress towards the objectives we've set ourselves.

It doesn't matter your experience level or background, our community ranges from industry veterans to trading novices, so you won't be left sitting in the background.

But beyond all this is being with like-minded people who share your passion, making it a lot more enjoyable!

Join professional "over-sharers"

We operate our Bootcamps like a trading firm for retail traders, meaning we share every idea, what's working or not working, strategy examples, code and more:

  • Research and implementation processes
  • tools, software and IP
  • data and access to market intelligence
  • trade ideas and research frameworks

We share everything we build each week, no restriction.

Be part of a permanent community with shared passion and goals

The idea of working through all your trading problems alone probably doesn't get you too excited. Learning to trade profitably is exponentially harder as a solo retail trader, too.

The RW Pro channel is your new long-term supportive community. We discuss anything and everything trading — so long as it's fun, useful or can make us money!

You don't have to go back to working in silence!

We help each other any way possible

The team are always sharing trade ideas, code, skills, market insights, and importantly, honest feedback to keep each other on a straight and sensible path.

Working together is priceless when you team up with people who don’t let you off the hook for not thinking through your assumptions. Most “creative leaps” in research and strategy design come from not accepting things and digging deeper. You can't always do that effectively when working alone, and it's what makes a team like ours such a huge asset.

Pro Benefit 5:

RW Insider Blog — See Our Trade Ideas, Market Analysis and Research in Close to Real-Time (40+ Private Posts)

In these posts you'll follow the stream of consciousness behind a fully-functional trading operation — seeing how we decide which opportunities to investigate, react to market conditions and ultimately come up with profitable trades.

You will get to follow the ideas, analysis and decisions behind our prop trading book... almost in real-time:

  • Get market updates and exclusive institutional research, and see whether or not we take action on it and why
  • See the sources of our strategy ideas, and how they make it down our research pipeline and into our portfolio
  • Have eyes on the small but vital decisions that influence how we run our trading business

Here's what your future teammates are saying about Bootcamp

Aspiring traders of all levels and backgrounds recommend our Bootcamp programs

Minsheng W

Member since April 2017

"It would take years to grasp these concepts via books and coding...."

"The FX Bootcamp is a live trading algorithm development workshop. If I were to read trading books and learn to code by myself, it would take years to grasp the concepts that are presented in the Bootcamp. For example, we learn about "parameter space", the steps of developing strategies or not to over rely on the backtest results.


Kris and James are showing us how professional quants and traders develop their strategies and both are not hiding any tricks that make money in this Bootcamp. Retail trading is tough and I am glad I participated this Bootcamp so that my learning has accelerated. "

Lee G

Member since August 2018

"It's like working at a quant hedge fund....."

"The Robot Wealth Boot Camps are the best thing going in trade education that I have found. Going through the whole process start to finish lets you get a real feel for what goes into a successful strategy. Plus you get to have team generated code at the end that is better than what any of us could do on our own!

It's like working at a quant hedge fund if you could use the code yourself! Highly recommend Robot Wealth to anyone looking to put time into developing this skill set!"

Georg N

Member since December 2018

"FX Bootcamp is an amazing ride that brought my trading skills to the next level"

"My understanding of how to theorize, research, test and develop new trading strategies has advanced tremendously over the last 16 weeks – not just for FX. I learned a lot of new stuff from our Robots in Chief as well as from other dedicated and talented members, and I feel much more confident in developing my own ideas both in R and directly in Zorro. 

This also inspired me to put together a trading framework that let's trade multiple strategies in one Zorro script, which is a powerful tool that can potentially save trading costs (one of the few really certain outcomes you can and should try to control when embracing the mayhem). All in all this FX Bootcamp was an amazing ride that brought my trading skills to the next level!"

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