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Exclusive to Robot Wealth, Introducing:

 Algo Bootcamp

Join the only community-driven prop firm for retail traders, designed to get you from idea to live markets in as little as 8 weeks — by showing you what really works.

What is Algo Bootcamp?

Simply put, this is the online equivalent of gaining real trading guidance, resources and profit-potential directly from a physical proprietary trading firm. 

Inside our thriving community, we pick a market we want to trade. We brainstorm ideas, test those that show potential, then refine them all the way to a live strategy — every step executed as a team with full transparency. 

We hide absolutely nothing. We share everything.

You'll get everything you need to go from no ideas to live trading strategies. Concepts, code, data, historical strategies and more. Our IP is shared freely — teamwork gives us far more potential than we'd ever have alone.

How does Bootcamp work? 

Kris and James lead each Bootcamp from beginning to end, applying their decades' of professional trading experience to retail trading ideas. You'll collaborate on Slack, get access to notebooks, join live Q&A sessions, utilise video breakdowns and more. We'll record ourselves trading live, so you can gain the pro's intuition.

Utilising the collective skills of 300+ traders, you'll bypass frustrating solo-trader roadblocks, like finding ideas that work after costs, reliable data, and clever code solutions.

As each Bootcamp passes, you'll add another automated strategy to your arsenal, as we continually enter the markets to grow our money as a team.

You’ll not only end up building trading strategies with others during each Bootcamp, but you’ll gain the approach, tools and market intuition needed to build your own whenever you like.

See How Our Members Feel About Algo Bootcamp

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Our members have shaved years off the steep learning curve that comes with trading — and they're having a blast! 

Want to join them, and build real, fully-functioning trading strategies together alongside our prop firm?

Join your new team and trade with us inside Algo Bootcamp — as soon as we reopen.

You'll also receive relevant training, content and promotions. Strictly no spam or 3rd party emails. Unsubscribe anytime.