Learn a sustainable approach to systematic trading.

Our goal is to take you from hobby trader to lifetime trader. 

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In Bootcamp, we will teach you how to research, build and manage a portfolio of systematic trading strategies.

We will share with you the approach to trading that has allowed us to take our trading from side hustle to full time professional obsession.

It's our goal to teach you how to trade systematically and sustainably, so that you can level up your trading and life goals.

Master the basics and trade for a lifetime.

In Bootcamp you will learn:

The Basics of Effective Research

  • How to generate trading ideas
  • Which ideas are worth your time
  • A step-by-step process to performing trading research
  • How to analyse the returns process that drives asset prices
  • How to look for predictive factors in your trading

How to Turn Research into Effective Trading Strategies

  • How to check for robustness and stability in the effects you are harnessing
  • How to do effective backtesting
  • How to combine multiple weak signals and parameters together instead of trying to optimise for the “best” ones
  • How to size positions based on a volatility forecast.

How to Manage Live Trading

  • How to get started trading systematic strategies with manual trade execution
  • How to set up a trading server
  • How to use trade automation software to automate trading across two brokers
  • How to size and manage risk between your portfolio of trading strategies
  • What to do in various market scenarios, including market stress or sustained strategy out- or under-performance.

Whether you want to:

  • Trade part-time
  • Trade full-time
  • Become an asset manager
  • Get a job in finance or trading

the skills you will learn in Bootcamp will put you head and shoulders above the pack.

Learn to think and trade like a quant.

Learn algo trading in a collaborative learning environment in Bootcamp. We help set you up for optimal learning and development by teaching in a multi-pronged approach: 

  • Video Lessons
  • Written Content
  • Comprehensive Code Repositories
  • Exclusive Private Slack Workspace where Bootcampers can interact with each other and your instructors 24/7
  • Live Q&A Webinars
  • All Data Provided

In Bootcamp we work through every step of the strategy creation process. You'll learn to think and trade like a quant.

Master the basics and trade for a lifetime

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Meet Your Instructors

Kris Longmore

Data Scientist, Systematic Trader, Founder of Robot Wealth

"After a 10-year engineering career, I became a hedge fund quant, consulted with Asia-Pacific’s biggest fund managers on AI and ML and then became a partner of a prop trading firm. I love working with James, the RW Team and our RW Pro Community to research and build tools and strategies to get the most out of the markets."

James Hodges

Market Maniac, Head Trader & Chairman of RW Slack

"I’ve traded every day for the last 16 years. I spent the first 10 in institutional finance and tech, then founded a data analytics and prop trading firm in New Zealand. I work in the RW community every day, turning the our ideas into profitable trades."

Find out more about Kris and James on the About page.

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Here's what previous participants have to say about Robot Wealth Algo Bootcamp

Aspiring traders of all levels and backgrounds recommend our Algo Bootcamp programs

Minsheng W

Member since April 2017

"It would take years to grasp these concepts via books and coding...."

"The FX Bootcamp is a live trading algorithm development workshop. If I were to read trading books and learn to code by myself, it would take years to grasp the concepts that are presented in the Bootcamp. For example, we learn about "parameter space", the steps of developing strategies or not to over rely on the backtest results.


Kris and James are showing us how professional quants and traders develop their strategies and both are not hiding any tricks that make money in this Bootcamp. Retail trading is tough and I am glad I participated this Bootcamp so that my learning has accelerated. "

Lee G

Member since August 2018

"It's like working at a quant hedge fund....."

"The Robot Wealth Boot Camps are the best thing going in trade education that I have found. Going through the whole process start to finish lets you get a real feel for what goes into a successful strategy. Plus you get to have team generated code at the end that is better than what any of us could do on our own!

It's like working at a quant hedge fund if you could use the code yourself! Highly recommend Robot Wealth to anyone looking to put time into developing this skill set!"

Georg N

Member since December 2018

"FX Bootcamp is an amazing ride that brought my trading skills to the next level"

"My understanding of how to theorize, research, test and develop new trading strategies has advanced tremendously over the last 16 weeks – not just for FX. I learned a lot of new stuff from our Robots in Chief as well as from other dedicated and talented members, and I feel much more confident in developing my own ideas both in R and directly in Zorro.

This also inspired me to put together a trading framework that let's trade multiple strategies in one Zorro script, which is a powerful tool that can potentially save trading costs (one of the few really certain outcomes you can and should try to control when embracing the mayhem). All in all this FX Bootcamp was an amazing ride that brought my trading skills to the next level!"

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