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Learn to research, build & trade three systematic trading strategies, from scratch.

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Here's James explaining what Zero to Robot Master bootcamp is going to teach you and why this will change your trading approach for the better...

In this self-paced Bootcamp, you will learn how to run a portfolio of three automated systematic trading strategies.

These are the strategies that you will learn to build and trade on Zero to Robot Master bootcamp.

Successful trading is HARD.

And most approaches we've seen suck, quite frankly.

In this Bootcamp, you'll learn a high-probability approach to trading which is simple and systematic.

The path to sustainable trading profits is straight and narrow. Bootcamp keeps you on that path.

In Zero to Robot Master, we'll take you step-by-step through the process of setting up your systematic trading business. By the end of Bootcamp you'll be running a portfolio of 3 high-quality systematic trading strategies.

In Bootcamp, you're going to learn how to do all this yourself.

You're going to learn the principles and techniques we use every day in our trading book.

Learn with full support, at your own pace.

This bootcamp is a self-paced learning course which means you'll get all the course content up front, to work through as quickly (or slowly!) as suits you.

Course content includes:

  • 158 lessons spread over 20 topics 
  • 30 hours of video content including step-by-step tutorials for how to set up Zorro (our strategy building platform of choice), build your strategies and manage your portfolio
  • All the code and cleaned data you need.

Check out the full course curriculum HERE.

On top of this mountain of course content, you'll receive comprehensive learning support as you make your way through the course content.

Learning support includes:

  • 2 full length course review webinars (full recordings will also be available if you're unable to make the scheduled time)
  • Weekly Q&A webinars
  • Dedicated private Slack workspace where you can discuss and troubleshoot with James & Kris, your fellow classmates and 400+ RW Pro members who've done this course before.

Reserve your space now for November launch.


Master the basics and trade for a lifetime.

Here are the topics you will cover in bootcamp: 

Our goal is to teach you the principals and fundamental analysis skills that will set you up for a lifetime of trading.

You will learn:

The Basics of Effective Research

  • How to generate trading ideas
  • Which ideas are worth your time
  • A step-by-step process to performing trading research
  • How to analyse the returns process that drives asset prices
  • How to look for predictive factors in your trading

How to Turn Research into Effective Trading Strategies

  • How to check for robustness and stability in the effects you are harnessing
  • How to do effective backtesting
  • How to combine multiple weak signals and parameters together instead of trying to optimise for the “best” ones
  • How to size positions based on a volatility forecast.

How to Manage Live Trading

  • How to set up a trading server
  • How to use the Zorro Trading Automation platform to automate trading across two brokers: 
    • One for two ETF strategies
    • One for an FX alpha trading strategy
  • How to size and manage risk between your portfolio of trading strategies
  • What to do in various market scenarios, including market stress or sustained strategy out- or under-performance.

Whether you want to

  • Trade part-time
  • Trade full-time
  • Become an asset manager
  • Get a job in finance or trading

... these skills are going to put you head and shoulders above the pack.

Are you ready to join Zero to Robot Master Bootcamp and start your path to systematic trading success?

Reserve your space now for November launch.


Here's exactly what you'll learn in Zero to Robot Master Bootcamp:


Week 0 - Initiation

​Your approach to trading will be overhauled from the minute you join us. You learn a lot of hard, transformational truths after 20 years in the markets, and we plan to unload these truths onto you — so you can avoid the costly mistakes we did and get right down to business.

You’ll gain the basic market insights that took us years to unearth:

  • The only two ways to make money trading
  • How to find the “easy games” in trading
  • A roadmap to expand your trading to play those “easy games”
  • How to run your trading like a business
  • The magic of strategy diversification

Next, you’ll get introduced to the Zorro Trading Automation* software. You’ll learn:

  • What Zorro is and why we’ll be using it
  • The Main Parts of a Zorro Program
  • The “Backtest Cycle of Doom” and how to avoid it.

* You can use the free version of Zorro or download Zorro S at an exclusive 25% discount for bootcamp participants. 


Week 1 - The Mortal Sins

In the first week of bootcamp, we’ll work with simple trading strategies in the Zorro Trading Automation software to demonstrate three behaviours which we call “The Mortal Sins”.

  • The Mortal Sin of Trading Too Much
  • The Mortal Sin of Trading Too Big
  • The Mortal Sin of Trying to Be a Hero

These behaviours are guaranteed to lose you money in the long run. We’ll demonstrate this whilst getting familiar with the Zorro software and basic quant and coding techniques.

You’ll be introduced to a number of important concepts this week, including sizing, ensembles and volatility targeting.

Finally, we’ll demonstrate how our “Trade More S**t” approach to portfolio management is the ultimate expression of humility – giving ourselves the maximum chance of future profitability in a noisy and efficient market.


Week 2 - Coin-Flipping Market Gods

A mistake many traders make is to think of the historic prices an asset traded as containing important information. Through analogy to Market Gods flipping coins, we introduce the concept of price as the realisation of a random process.

It becomes clear that it is important to focus on the dynamics of the process driving prices (the coins being flipped) instead of the prices themselves.

We discuss how to analyse returns data and the dynamics of the processes that creates prices – and how various market inefficiencies (trend, mean-reversion, seasonality, conditional behaviour around price extremes) can be modelled in this way.

You’ll learn about:

  • Return histograms
  • Moments of distributions
  • Diversion from normality
  • Seasonal regularity
  • Trend and auto-correlation
  • Conditional return distributions.

In Week 2 we build out our first systematic trading strategy: 

A Risk Premia Harvesting strategy which trades stock, bond and gold ETFs. It’s a low frequency strategy, so you’ll start trading this manually from Week 2. Later in Bootcamp, we’ll automate strategy execution and implement another ETF trading strategy.


Week 3 - Turning Ideas into Trading Strategies

In Week 3, you’ll learn how to take trading strategies from idea to implementation.

Through analysing an intraday market inefficiency in major FX pairs, you’ll learn:

  • Where to get and how to prioritise research ideas
  • The most effective research mindset: being less goal-oriented, and seeking to understand
  • Doing the simplest thing that could possibly work
  • The questions to ask to check for strategy robustness:
    • Does this effect make sense as a premium for taking risk, or something others can’t or won’t exploit?
    • Do I see a consistent pattern across assets?
    • Do I see a consistent pattern across time?
    • Do I see a consistent pattern across parameters and timescales, if appropriate?

In these lessons you’ll learn our approach to designing and testing trading strategies in great detail.

These lessons endure across asset classes and strategy types. You can take them and use them after Bootcamp has concluded to build out your portfolio further.


Week 4 - An Intraday FX Alpha Trading Strategy

In Week 4, we’ll take the research and strategy development work from the previous week and build out a complete Intraday FX Trading Strategy.

This week is all about the trade-offs you must manage in strategy development.

In the financial markets our edges are broad and noisy. Noise swamps everything in the short term, so we never know whether a given trade has an edge. We can only suspect we have an edge on average.

So all things being equal, it pays for us to trade broadly and trade often when we think we have an edge on average.

However… trading costs are certain, but edges are not. In Week 4, you’ll learn how to make appropriate trade-offs in strategy design to give you the best chance of harnessing the edge in the future.

We’ll look at some microstructure effects to give our trading strategy a boost and buy ourselves a bit more "wiggle room".

These are things that we can harness at the trade level, such as momentum and volatility effects, to make a real impact on our strategy's performance.

We'll pass on to you the experience and intuition behind these ideas, but just as importantly you'll see how we test and validate them.

By the end of Week 4, we’ll have developed a complete Intraday FX Trading Strategy.


Week 5 - Live Automated FX Trading

In Week 5, you’re going to become an algotrader!

We'll get you set up for live trading, including step-by-step instructions for configuring a trading server, installing trading software, and setting it up to communicate with your FX brokerage account.

If you've never set up an automated trading system before, this process can be a little overwhelming. But we'll spend some time walking you through this because it ultimately enables your greatest edge as a systematic trader: namely, to trade a bunch of ordinary edges together to get an extraordinary result at the portfolio level.

When understood in this context, the ability to automate and systematise your trading is literally a superpower.

So we've put together some walk-through tutorials that literally show you every step in the process. We'll also demonstrate during one of the live webinars, and will answer any questions you have on Slack.

We're here to ensure that you gain this superpower.


Week 6 - Factor Analysis and a Volatility Basis Trading Strategy

Trading is really just a game of predicting when an asset or contract is expensive or cheap.

Factor analysis gives us a simple framework to test out “factors” that may identify when this could be the case.

In Week 6 you’ll be introduced to a step-by-step process for finding factors that might be predictive of future asset returns.

You’ll use this tool to research a “basis effect” in VIX futures.

Then we’ll design a simple systematic trading strategy to take advantage of this effect, by trading VIX ETPs, which trade just like stocks.


Week 7 - Live Automated ETF Trading

In Week 7, you’re going to extend the portfolio of automated strategies we kicked off in Week 5.

This time, we'll be automating the Risk Premia strategy (using ETFs) and the VIX basis strategy (using ETPs) with Interactive Brokers.

Again, we'll get you set up with step-by-step instructions for configuring your software and servers. We'll also go into more depth on monitoring and trade reconciliation.

This is where you start to realise your greatest edge as a systematic trader - combining several ordinary edges into an extraordinary portfolio.

This week represents an enormous milestone in your trading. You'll have three high-quality automated trading strategies in the market, all contributing to your portfolio return.

Even more importantly, you'll have gained the ability to develop, automate and systematise new strategies yourself. Congratulations. You now have trading superpowers.


Week 8 - Portfolio Zen: The Art and Science of Managing a Portfolio of Trading Strategies

In Week 8 you’ll learn a sensible, quantitative approach to portfolio management.

You’ll learn to assess your future strategies independently in a systematic way, optimising for future robustness rather than past performance.

You can create extraordinary results at the portfolio level from many strategies using "ensembling" methods or, as we like to say, “Trading More S**t”. This is the approach we've used successfully in our professional and retail trading lives for years.

Here are the techniques you'll be armed with in week 6:

  • Portfolio construction, zen and 'right actions'
  • Setting portfolio-level volatility targets
  • Setting portfolio management objectives
  • Setting strategy-level volatility targets
  • Setting sizing rules to target strategy volatility targets
  • Tracking and adjusting contributions at the strategy level
  • What to do when things get weird
  • How to chill out and "Trade More S**t"

You won't be left with your hand waving in the air. We’ll show you exactly how to manage the three strategies we’ve been through together. And you will know precisely what you should do with your next addition to your systematic trading portfolio!

Reserve your space now for November launch.

What if you could skip the "guessing phase" and go directly to a systematic approach that grows your capital — all by New Year 2021?

This bootcamp will take you from Zero to Robot Master with these 5 big advantages:


See exactly how our trading book generates sustainable profits — and copy our capital-growing approach, tools and strategies

By getting up close and deep into the workings of our business, you can learn how we identify edges worth pursuing, conduct robust research, and code winning trading strategies line-by-line using our specific tools of choice. You'll gain more experience in a month here than in years of passively reading or trying to do it all alone.


Learn systematic techniques and tools from pro traders to get you quickly building profitable systematic strategies

Learn to build fully-automated strategies like those in our live FX portfolio above. More importantly, gain market intuition and technical skills that enable you to develop new strategies independently and grow a diverse portfolio.


Share the workload with a passionate team, rather than doing the job of a whole trading firm alone

You will instantly become part of a team with diverse skills that you can tap into anytime to fill your knowledge gaps. Streamline your learning by leveraging the experience of others. Ask for help when you're stuck on a problem and have fun sharing your passion with other like-minded traders!


You have access to two pro traders who will happily tell you what's worked for them

You'll be able to ask those who've been profitable for decades, who are here to guide you along each step of R&D and execution. We're in front of the screen all day and our Slack channel is extremely active. Our team share their experience and strategies openly, so you can succeed without suffering the same hard defeats they did before finding success.


You'll be given a systematic trading "launch kit" — including all the data and software you need

You'll be given the ultimate starter kit that includes all the data, research tools and frameworks you need. You can skip the speedbumps that inevitably slow down the setup phase and hit the ground running.

Turn your passion into a profitable, long-term business with all the help and resources you need at your fingertips.

Reserve your space now for November launch.


Here's James explaining what you'll learn in Zero to Robot Master bootcamp...

How will Zero to Robot Master Bootcamp help kickstart your systematic trading?

You'll gain an understanding of the markets that is usually only gained after years of expensive trial, error and failure. Your view of what trading is and how to operate your business will shift dramatically as you progress through each topic.

Here's what you'll be able to achieve with Bootcamp:

Lay the foundations of your algo trading business

You'll not only see how we build strategies that allow us to trade for a living. You'll gain the foundational skills, processes and tools required to build a robust, automated trading portfolio that you can scale from zero. You'll see exactly what NOT to do if you want trading to be financially rewarding for years to come.

Learn to think and build alpha trades like a quant (and free your time in the process)

You'll discover the power of smart execution; combining mediocre edges to create BIG returns at the portfolio level. Instead of hunting for 'perfect' edges, we'll teach you to be agile and systematic in your research. Bootcamp is a hands-on experience that will get you thinking and trading the quant way.

Copy and use our full-time approach

You don’t just get systematic tools and strategies with this Bootcamp. You adopt the approach and intuition we’ve used to make trading our full-time careers for 20+ years combined. Our approach is simple, lean and effective. You'll get to copy it as we build our systematic strategies, so you can stop guessing at what works and finally move the needle. 

Collaborate with a team who share your passion and workload to succeed sooner

You can't do the work of a whole trading floor alone. Many solo traders have no one to share their work with or to collaborate on new ideas. Trading should be fun first and foremost, otherwise you won't last. Here, you'll join a team who share your passion, goals and workload so you can win more quickly.

Reserve your space now for November launch.

How will Zero to Robot Master Bootcamp run each week?

This Bootcamp is a self-paced learning experience but with full support from the RW team and Pro members.

  • You'll get immediate access to all course material, including written content, 30 hours video content, market data, instructions for configuring the software we'll use 
  • You'll be invited to join us for 2 live content review webinars: one at the commencement of the course (mid-November 2020) and one about 4 weeks in (mid-December). In these webinars we will be reviewing course content and answering your questions.
  • We'll be running weekly Q&A webinars 
  • You'll be invited to join our dedicated private Slack Workspace. This is where you'll connect with your fellow Bootcampers as well as seasoned RW Pro members, who've worked on this bootcamp before to discuss and troubleshoot as you make your way through the course content.

The full Bootcamp curriculum is available down in the FAQ section of this page

Meet the People

Behind the Robot

James Hodges

Head Trader and Chairman of RW Slack

"I’ve traded every day for the last 16 years. I spent the first 10 in institutional finance and tech, then founded a data analytics and prop trading firm in New Zealand. I work in the RW community every day, turning the our ideas into profitable trades."

Kris Longmore

Founder of Robot Wealth

"After a 10-year engineering career, I became a hedge fund quant and later consulted with Asia-Pacific’s biggest fund managers on AI and ML. Now, I'm a partner and shareholder of a prop trading firm, as well as one of the men behind Robot Wealth."

 Worried about expensive retail trading costs?

 We've teamed up with....

Darwinex are providing a huge 40% discount on commissions over their standard pricing to those in our Bootcamps. That's 50% less compared to most FX brokers!

For a USD-denominated FX pair, that amounts to $3 USD per round turn lot traded. For a EUR-denominated pair, that's €3 per round turn lot traded.

As a comparison, most brokers will charge that (or more) per side.

This offer is unavailable for US customers, we hope to extend this to the US in the near future. BUT this will not prevent you from progressing through this Bootcamp and extracting as much value as your peers.

Given that broker costs are one of the biggest limiting factors faced by retail traders, this is an enormous opportunity to see your ideas finally survive costs.

Robot Wealth does not profit from this partnership whatsoever. All would-be referral commissions are reinvested back into lowering your trading costs on Darwinex.

Here's what your teammates are saying about Bootcamp

Minsheng W

Member since April 2017

"It would take years to grasp these concepts via books and coding...."

"Bootcamp is a live trading algo development workshop. If I were to read books and learn to code by myself, it would take years to grasp the concepts that are presented in the Bootcamp. For example, we learn about "parameter space", the steps of developing strategies or not to over rely on the backtest results.


Kris and James are showing us how professional quants and traders develop their strategies and both are not hiding any tricks that make money in this Bootcamp. Retail trading is tough and I am glad I participated this Bootcamp so that my learning has accelerated. "

Lee G

Member since August 2018

"It's like working at a quant hedge fund....."

"RW Bootcamps are the best thing going in trade education I have found. Going through the whole process start to finish lets you get a real feel for what goes into a successful strategy. Plus you get to have team generated code at the end that is better than what any of us could do on our own! 

It's like working at a quant hedge fund if you could use the code yourself! Highly recommend Robot Wealth to anyone looking to put time into developing this skill set!"

Georg N

Member since December 2018

"Bootcamp is an amazing ride that brought my trading skills to the next level"

"My understanding of how to theorize, research, test and develop new trading strategies has advanced tremendously – in any market. I learned a lot of new stuff from our Robots in Chief as well as from other dedicated and talented members, and I feel much more confident in developing my own ideas both in R and directly in Zorro. 

This also inspired me to put together a trading framework that let's trade multiple strategies in one Zorro script, which is a powerful tool that can potentially save trading costs (one of the few really certain outcomes you can and should try to control when embracing the mayhem). All in all this Bootcamp was an amazing ride that brought my trading skills to the next level!"

Just a few of the comments taken directly from some of our 400+ past bootcamp participants....

"Trading is complex, but stick with the guidance of this community and you'll make it..."

"If you're coming from a retail background then buckle up. Trading is tough and you're likely unaware of what real trading is. You may also be unaware just how much easier it is having a community of pros and like James and kris on hand practically 24/7.

I went from getting scammed by FX signal providers to trading many FX alphas built by us in the community. 

Trading is complex, involving multiple disciplines, but stick with the guidance of the community and you'll make it."


Member since June 2019

"Trading is the hardest game in the world but, thankfully I don't have to take on the challenge alone. With a community of 300+ highly motivated and intelligent members, you get to develop trading strategies relying on quantitative research techniques that professionals use. 

Joining Robot Wealth has not only made me a better trader but, a better data scientist as well."


Member since November 2019

"Bootcamp is a full-frontal introduction to systematic trading. You won't find this anywhere else without spending years trawling through scientific and mathematical papers.

Kris and James are welcoming, inclusive, fun and literally happy to share their lifetime's of work."


Member since November 2019

Enrolments will open 9th November 2020 and remain open until midnight (GMT+1) on 13 November 2020.

If you are passionate about the markets and are ready to work, then joining us may be the best decision you'll make in your trading career.

Don't let the limitations and frustration of solo trading drive you away from trading for good.  Join us and enjoy the potential for success the markets have to offer with others who share your passion and goals.

Your trading journey with us doesn't have to end after this Bootcamp...

If you complete Bootcamp with us we'd love to have you continue trading with us as a RW Pro member!

There are 5 BIG advantages to being a RW Pro member:


The Lab - our trading collaboration portal 

Think of The Lab as like a trading firm for individuals. 

The Lab is our collaboration portal for all things trading. It includes a Knowledge Repository, trading Edge Database and Research Hub for collaborating on research projects and sharing data, tools and a peer-review process. 

By sharing their progress and working together, our members progress faster and farther than they ever could on their own.


Trade with us personally in Alpha Bootcamps and Research Sprints

In our members-only Alpha Bootcamps, we research strategies that we intend to trade with the community.

You'll gain first-hand exposure to the gritty and unpredictable world of real-time trading research and development, as we tackle each new challenge and go live together — it's like a professional trading firm for retail traders. You can participate or just watch, learn and trade the end product - it's totally up to you.

You'll literally research and trade by our side and in real-time.


Become a Part of the RW Pro Trader Community

You don't have to go back to working alone after this Bootcamp...

In the RW Pro community, discussion and support isn't limited to a particular Bootcamp. We discuss everything trading — so long as it's fun, useful or can make us money.

You'll also get on-going support and development for the trading strategies you built during Bootcamp from us and 400+ others!


Exclusive "RW Insider" Members Only Blog

In these posts you'll follow the stream of consciousness behind a fully-functional trading operation — seeing how we decide which opportunities to investigate, react to market conditions and ultimately come up with profitable trades. 


Get all the clean data you need

We make our database of historical market data available to RW Pro members. In our recent Machine Learning Bootcamp we provided 20 years of cleaned and adjusted market data for the 1,500 most liquid US stocks. In FX Bootcamp, it was 20 years of daily data, 10 years of intraday data, and historical interest rates. There's also ETF, crypto and CFD data. All updated in real time.

If a RW Pro member has an idea, we'll source the data and make it available, this encourages collaboration within the community. It's a fantastic investment for us and a huge opportunity for you.

That's before you expend all that effort cleaning, processing, validating and storing it. We do all of that for you!

Want to join these hardworking traders long-term?

In RW Pro we'll give you everything you need to get your trading journey off the ground and thriving with far less time, frustration and expensive mistakes than going at it alone.

You don't have to be a genius or even a profitable trader yet, but we want people who are committed, realistic and who will one day want to help others achieve success in trading.

RW Pro is offered only to those who complete a Bootcamp with us, so we can better manage who enters our closest circle of traders. We share our life's work inside this group, and we want to keep it as focused and results-driven as possible.

Bootcamp feedback directly from participants

Even more comments lifted straight from our Slack community

Bootcamp participants have shaved years off the steep learning curve that comes with trading — and they're having a blast doing it as part of a like-minded team!

But Bootcamp is not the right fit for everyone — trading is hard and YOU have to work hard too!

We keep our approach to trading simple, that doesn't mean it's easy or completely without risk. You will lose money sometimes, that's part of the trading game. To win, we'll show you how we make more money than we lose, over and over again.

We don't want anyone who will quit as soon as they realise trading is real work and takes time, not a get rich quick scheme or "market hack".

We work our asses off to stay competitive in the markets and you will need to too. Thankfully, it's the most rewarding work in the world - especially when you do it side by side with a supportive team like the Robot Wealth Community.

Please, only join us if you have an obsession for the markets, are open-minded and can commit to this journey. If that's you and you are excited to get your hands dirty in the markets with us, let's get started!

Frequently Asked Questions (click to open)

Can I see the whole Bootcamp curriculum?

I'm an algo trading beginner, can I still join?

I'm not a skilled coder, will I struggle to participate? 

I'm a discretionary trader, is this for me? 

I struggle for free time, can I still join Bootcamp?

Will I get all the training at once or is it drip fed?

What kind of support will I get? 

Do I need a lot of starting capital to join?

But I don't have an expensive trading setup?

Where will I get the data I need for research?

How is the course taught?

Can I continue with Robot Wealth after Bootcamp?

Whichever way you go, we want you to win!

We strongly believe that joining us in Bootcamp could be the most impactful decision you'll make in your trading journey. You'll get the fundamental approach, skills and teamwork that has turned our passion for trading into life-long careers. But whether you join us or not, we hope your journey is filled with passion and the rewards you deserve.

-Kris, James and Team