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Want to Build Algorithms That Grow Your Wealth?

Gain the exact skills I use to build $1k-10k algos — over and over again — without back-breaking chart time, emotional discretionary trading or costly guessing games:

  82% total equity   growth   (large fund) traded with simple algos

  $1998 to $5114 (+256%) in 5 months   in Forex—just 1 algo coded using a basic strategy

  $10k to $18k (+$8348) in 5 days  — Traded during the Brexit vote count

Over the past 7 years I've used the same skills I teach our students at Robot Wealth to write winning algos in FX, futures and equities, both in my prop firm and retail account, while our students successfully trade Crypto and other markets too.  





Today, I'll to show you exactly how to code algos like the ones above, so you can trade your way to freedom in-between work or studies — and with less frustration and wasted money. 

The best part is, you can be a complete beginner with no trading experience, a part-timer looking to "level up" with machine learning and other tools, or a seasoned veteran moving away from the mental stresses and volume limitations of discretionary. I'll show you how. 

I'm Kris Longmore, the founder of Robot Wealth

After a 10-year engineering career, I became a hedge fund quant and later consulted with Asia-Pacific’s biggest fund managers on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Now, I'm a partner and shareholder of a proprietary trading firm, as well as the man behind Robot Wealth. 

Hundreds of frustrated algo traders have become profitable — now you can make money with algos too.

Recently, we began asking why most of our new members come to Robot Wealth STILL asking foundational questions, even after buying other algo books and courses in the past: 

  • Where do I start with the REAL basics, like setting up?
  • How do I translate my old-school experience into algos?
  • How do I spot opportunities in the markets early enough?
  • Which asset classes should I trade as a beginner?
  • Who do I ask for help when I'm stuck on complex problems?

Even after paying for other training, most new members haven't even made their first live trade yet, let alone made trading their primary income source. The 2% who have always have trouble scaling their algo portfolio and building the kind of equity that would set you up for life.

Other sources aren't teaching you in a way you can go and use today — beginner, part-timer or seasoned trader level.

That's why Robot Wealth exists, to solve the same problems we all share when starting out on the algo journey, and to finally make you a (more) profitable trader, with the ability to trade full-time eventually if you want to.  

Algo trading went from a distant fantasy, to my primary income source and dream job

....I knew something bad was happening, but I was too unprepared and unguided to pull the plug when I should have.

My old motto — "If you don't know, just leave it to blow up"

That might look like a good equity curve, but let me explain how "going solo" cost me $4956 in profit.

Eager to try out a new strategy I'd worked hard on for ages, I put up $5k equity, enough to make some worthwhile returns. 

I was right. With aggressive position sizing, a lot of early trades went my way...

...after 3 months my $5000 grew to $17562 — my overconfidence grew with it. Big mistake. 

Surprisingly, the strategy started to sink and I had no safety net in place. 

Panicked and losing money,  I started tweaking the parameters, adding new assets to the portfolio, and making all sorts of daily changes to get the thing working again — everything an inexperienced trader would do. 

Eventually, my strategy was so "dilute" it never worked again.

It cost me $4956 over five frustrating months to realize it was time to admit defeat and exit.

My final equity

I had no one to ask for help, and no guide for reference.

Like you, I know how it feels to sit and tinker with a strategy without ever trading it — or worse, to tinker with it while it's trading real money — and to doubt every line of code you write and every edge you think you have. Not to mention trying to "understand" market behaviour. 

It's even more frustrating when you get stuck before you really start. 

Robot Wealth was created to pack over 20 years of combined trial-and-error experience into one digestible place, so you can avoid the common rookie mistakes when trading as a side project. 

Robot Wealth is your ticket to fast-track this learning curve and trade profitably sooner, safer and with more fun

Fast forward a few years after that trade — plus many tough lessons — and I'm building algorithms that do this: 

From slowly losing $4956 in profit, to turning $10k into $18k in five days, the whole point of Robot Wealth is to quickly and smoothly bridge this gap between risk-prone beginner and a confident algo trader who can:

  • check
    Read market behaviour and formulate a tradable edge
  • check
    Sit down and confidently code winning algorithms quickly
  • check
    Make enough money trading to be their primary income source 

Besides making them profitable, we've helped everyone from beginners to hedge fund veterans master:

Time to Code

Trade profitably between work or studies. Access ready-built content and code you can "cherry pick" and use in your strategies to trade in less time.  

Laser-Targeted Focus

Forget constant sidetracking. Learn to laser-in on the strategy best suited to each market opportunity and code profitable algos over and over again. 

Emotion-Free Trading

Discretionary trading is always an emotional rollercoaster. Algos remove the urge to "over-engineer" your trading — making you more profitable, scalable and sane. 

Vital Skills

It's annoying how many books and courses assume you know a ton already. Advanced equity growth requires advanced strategies, but first you need to master the right basics.  

What if YOU could easily gain these skills — as well as meet likeminded friends and build your wealth-growing portfolio — and go on to algo trade full-time quicker, easier and more enjoyably?


Gain the exact skills professionals use to build $100k+ portfolios — beginner to advanced training 

Class to Quant  is the only complete virtual school for mastering algorithmic trading from scratch. Join us as we dismantle the toughest parts of becoming profitable and walk you through the entire beginner-to-quant process, start to finish. 

The 6 pillars of algo trading "built in" to Class to Quant: 

Algo Development

Gain the coding skills needed to routinely build algos that profit on autopilot, as you grow your portfolio. 

Strategy Selection

Spot market inefficiencies in a load of asset classes, formulate trading strategies and understand the best Alpha sources.

Time-Saving Content

Only learn the theory used to make money, minus the filler,  and access lots of ready-built "plug-in" strategies.

Opportunity Intuition

Quickly analyse market behaviour so you know exactly which strategy to deploy, optimize and turn into profit.

Live Trading Walkthrough

Watch how live trading is done by real quants: how pros analyse data, code strategies and build $100k+ portfolios. 

Community Guidance

Join a rapid-fire community of algo traders and share your experiences for accelerated learning and growth. 

We only teach what real traders use on a daily basis to make money, no time-wasting filler. You can even "cherry pick" examples from our strategy library so you'll get to profiting more quickly in your free time. 

Where you "slot in" is up to you and your current ability.

What do you get in Class to Quant?

Take a sneak peak at your new members dashboard, then I'll break down exactly what's inside: 

We're constantly adding new assets for you, but let's unpack what's currently inside your members dashboard:  

Course: Fundamentals of Algorithmic Trading

By the end of the course you’ll be able to code live trading strategies with Lite-C, based on technical analysis, price action, seasonal volatility and multiple time frames. You'll also learn quant techniques like digital signal processing and machine learning. You’ll get loads of coded examples, including ten fully-coded strategies. More importantly, you’ll learn how to optimize and test them in a scientifically robust manner, which is crucial if your strategy is to perform in live trading as it did in simulation.

This course will get you from novice programmer to skilled trading systems researcher, even if you’ve never coded before. The progress you’ll make in this course will probably blow your mind, and it's just the start.

Master Lite-C — this simple yet powerful scripting language is perfect for R&D of trading strategies. It's so simple, I've taught it over a single weekend. 

Learn a professional workflow for robust strategy development that avoids biases and gives you confidence in your decision to trade or trash a strategy. 

10 practical examples of automated trading with detailed explanatory notes, including: momentum, mean-reversion, price-action, seasonal volatility and machine learning.

Course: Advanced Algorithmic Trading

Now that you’re brilliant at the basics, it’s time to learn the quantitative tools professionals use to propel your algo trading beyond the amateur ranks and into serious cash.

Advanced Algorithmic Trading  introduces a whole range of advanced statistical, quantitative, and machine learning tools used in professional practice. You’ll learn to think like a quant and put your ideas to the test by designing statistically sound experiments. You’ll also learn how to build portfolios of trading algorithms across multiple markets and time scales that diversify risk and compound returns. In addition to much, much more....

Risk management - get the intuition to make data-driven decisions and gain advanced portfolio construction skills you can apply in real life

Coding with R - master the titan of data science and analytics languages, and leverage cutting edge tools without having to implement them from scratch. 

Unleash the power of Zorro to build innovative and robust trading systems with practical code examples and detailed explanations.

​Trade management function code examples: like scaling into and out of positions, designing custom order types, adjusting stop levels based on indicators and more.

Build and design advanced trading utilities that optimize and automate as much of the research and execution environment as possible, so you can focus on scaling up your portfolio.

Leverage time to learn multiple approaches to strategy development and evaluation that inspire confidence and objectivity in your trading decisions.

With these crystal clear algo courses built to take you from A-Z, you can "slot in" anywhere based on current experience so you're never left confused or bored, and can start growing serious equity much sooner. 

Exclusive Video Training Library

Watch everything from the foundations of trading theory, all the way up to how professionals build, trade and optimize their equity-growing strategies — and use it in your trading.  

See strategies being built from the ground up, learn from explanations of every step along of the process and gain skills you can go and deploy right away. 

We'll release new videos every month, and as a member you get to decide what video content we film that would best solve your problems.

Like this one: Time Value of Money,

or Statistical Arbitrage and Building Your Retail Algo Portfolio

Starting in May, we'll film and release a series of videos walking you step by step as we trade real money in the live markets with the Robot Wealth account. 

You'll get to copy the exact tactics and processes used by full-time traders to find market edges, as well as build and optimize their strategies for profits.  

Zorro for Beginners: Video Course

Get access to 8 step-by-step training videos:

  • 1
    Why You'll love Zorro for Retail Trading
  • 2
    Coding Demonstration
  • 3
    Download, Install and Directory Tour
  • 4
    Interface Tour + Live Trading
  • 5
    Connect Zorro to Oanda
  • 6
    Connect Zorro to FXCM
  • 7
    Simulating Trading Conditions
  • 8
    Getting, Managing and Using Data

Want to master the biggest secret weapon in algo trading development tools?

We cover the TRUE basics of Zorro, from installing your software, connecting to brokers and coding your first algorithm, to managing data for accurate backtests. You'll never stare blankly at your screen again.

NEW: Strategy Library and Tools

Access a ready-built library of written strategy, including everything from the basics of Alpha and Beta sources, all the way to practical examples of code, data and research frameworks you can plug-in to any edge you find in your chosen asset class. 

Plus, get tools we build and use in our demonstrations, such as the Algo Portfolio Diversification Tool above. 

NEW: Algo Laboratory

What better way to learn from the expertise of more seasoned algo traders than to build a strategy with them first hand, and to follow their development process from start to finish?

The process is simple: read the lab notes we provide, join the dedicated Slack channel for each laboratory, and share your ideas with us as we build this strategy together. 

Members Community: Slack Channel

This is the place where much of the learning and value in Robot Wealth is to be had — by meeting your fellow algo traders.... 

Introduce yourself, ask questions, share your experience and grow alongside a mix of beginners, part-timers and seasoned traders. 

What sets Robot Wealth apart is that our members report their positive results to the community for everyone to benefit. Soon, it'll be you sharing your winning trades with us all....

Launch Bonus: 30-Minute Strategy Call

Available if you join before 11:59pm on Friday April 20th 

Join myself or James in a one-on-one strategy call over Skype, where we'll figure out:

  • Your custom roadmap to better trading, depending on your skill
  • How to pick and execute strategies tailored to your goals 
  • Solutions to your current sticking points and needs

If I had to start my quant journey over from zero and become profitable as quickly as possible, this material is exactly what I would choose to become a full-time trader, with my primary income source coming from algos. 

See what other algo traders just like you are saying....


"Student" level

I love being a part of the community in terms of feedback from others, and the resources in your course content is invaluable. 


"Trader Pro" level

The content is better than anything I've found elsewhere and the advanced course content has been "next level" to me. It's very inspiring to see what others are working on out there via Slack, and a tremendous value to discuss issues or thoughts with others.


"Trader" level

All the modules are priceless. Depending on your current skill you’ll save at least 1 year of learning alone. In my case I’ve saved a lot of time. The continuous reading gives you a the critical mindset needed when approaching possible strategy ideas. 

Now it's your chance to develop your algo skills just like your fellow traders above. Class to Quant is fully-comprehensive, meaning you'll end up an expert (if you work for it) regardless of your current ability. 

You get to set the pace, meaning you can learn between work or studies just like I did. Now I'm a full time quant and I've never looked back. 

Try Class to Quant Risk Free for 30 Days

You can cancel your membership to Class to Quant whenever you like, but we want to make sure you're fully-satisfied and without risk in joining us. 

You're also fully protected by our 100% money-back guarantee.  Meaning you can sign up, try Class to Quant in full, and if you want your first month's membership payment back within your first 30 days, just email to show us and we'll send it over. 

The cost of joining Class to Quant is loose change when you factor in your increased earning potential through algo trading and the skills you'll gain inside. You put a small fixed amount in, and you can get a large, unrestricted amount out — over and over again. 

It's a really smart investment and one I wish I could have made when starting out.  

If you were to hire me to coach you one-on-one, this is what I'd teach you:

Join Class to Quant today and trade profitably

Free strategy call bonus ends 11:59pm Friday 20th



  • Foundations of Algo Trading
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  • Foundations of Algo Trading
  • Zorro for Beginners Course
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    Members-only Slack Channel
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    Video Training Library
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    Advanced Algo Trading Course
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    Algo Laboratory
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    Strategy Library and Tools

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