Partnerships & Affiliates

Refer a friend, earn a reward

Want to Be Rewarded for Introducing Like-minded Traders to Robot Wealth?

We'd love to welcome more aspiring traders to Robot Wealth and our community. Whether you have your own community of traders, colleagues in finance, or friends who would appreciate what we teach, we'd like to pay you for bringing them to us.

What is it and how does it work?

We offer an affiliate commission, when a visitor purchases an appropriate RW product through your unique referral link.

Any sales you bring to us are attributed to you via a special referral link, unique to you, which tells us when one of the visitors you sent our way buys a product. Your commission will then be processed and released to you usually 30 days after the initial purchase being made (after the expiry of the money-back guarantee period).

Current RW products with affiliate rewards:

Bootcamp - the entry course to RW Pro. Learn more about Bootcamp here.

How can you get your own unique referral link?

If you are interested, please write to us at [email protected] with the following:

  • Details of your audience/company/website, and how you intend to promote us to your network
  • How your audience aligns with our trading education offering 
  • Details/examples of any other affiliate arrangements you may have in place 

If accepted, we'll set up your affiliate account and provide more instructions on how best to use your link, and details of what Bootcamps are coming up for you to promote. We can provide creatives (media files) for each Bootcamp for you to use on your own site, emails or within your community.

Ready to get started? Email [email protected]